Why You Should Outsource Your IT

All people have birthdays. Some people have weddings and christenings and bat mitzvahs. All those events generally require cake. So why doesn’t everyone have a personal baker? “That’s crazy,” I can hear you thinking, “I only eat cake a few times a month, what will she do the rest of the time?” So let me ask a different question, why not have a personal chef? Everybody eats multiple times a day. Your objections now would be less forceful, but you still might wonder if you could keep her busy. Well, maybe you could give her other things to do. I know a family that hired a chef but convinced themselves it was not a problem by calling her a housekeeper. Their food is delicious, but their books are dusty.

So hiring a full time person to fill a job for which you have only part time hours doesn’t work so well. You have overshot your target. What about undershooting? You could bake the cakes yourself? Well, given the right skill set, time, and inclination that will be a fine solution for your child’s birthday cake. And that wedding cake? Probably not a job even a talented amateur should do.

Your IT is no different. Everyone has IT needs, but they also don’t need an IT expert hovering at their shoulder 24/7. In fact, after many years of servicing various companies technical support issues, I can tell you that a typical user requires about an hour of technical support a month. If you go the full time support person on staff route, you will need approximately 173 employees to keep her busy. Even then, things can get tricky. The woman you hire to support your infrastructure will be capable of doing desktop support for your users, but she won’t be challenged or engaged in it. It would be like hiring a wedding cake specialist to make your 3 year old’s birthday cake. If you decide to support your users yourself, you likely will find your most technically savvy person ends up becoming your SABD (system admin by default). The SABD will likely be able to solve a large portion of your issues, but what do you do when she can’t? How does it affect your company’s profitability when someone hired to do one job spends time doing another? How is efficiency affected when a problem an expert could solve in 20 minutes takes an amateur 2 hours to figure out?

Outsourced IT, and outsourced anything else really, works when it allows individuals with specific skill sets to be matched appropriately and efficiently to jobs that utilize those skills. That is what we can achieve with our clients. Our infrastructure specialist supports infrastructure, our desktop specialists support desktops, and we are all available 24/7 for that one hour a month when you really need us.

To learn more about how we can help your outsource your IT needs, contact us for a free consultation today!

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