Virtual CIO

Improving Your IT Level to Increase Business Performance

Newplan’s Virtual CIO service assists in formulating strategic IT goals, planning the IT budget, analyzing and reworking business processes, outside vendor coordination and facilitating technology changes.

We develop strategic IT goals by determining which technology best fits your performance criteria, budget and existing IT infrastructure. This information is essential to designing a simple, elegant yet powerful cost-effective strategy that allows you to get the most out of your IT infrastructure.

The Power of Newplan’s Virtual CIO

Our VCIO service provides your business with the expertise and skills of a senior executive without having to hire one full-time. You will receive access to someone who has a diverse technical background and knowledge of numerous IT platforms thereby allowing it to find the best solutions for your business and implementing them quickly. Here’s how our virtual CIO accomplishes this.

  • We begin by asking detailed and challenging questions to understand where your business aims to go and what its current weaknesses are.
  • We analyze how your company currently conducts client affairs such as sales, revenue and services. We develop strategies that will be easily implemented and trackable. This allows us to monitor growth and make changes as the situation develops.
  • Furthermore, we analyze your cash flow, marketing and all other metrics which can be tracked by technology to reduce inefficiencies throughout the business.

These progressive, thorough actions leave our clients with a stronger, smarter more agile business capable of adapting to today’s ever evolving world.

Key Components of a Virtual CIO

We’ve found the following are the core strengths business executives are looking for when they hire a virtual CIO.

IT Skills: Experienced, professionally trained business executives familiar with the challenges of running a business and how to achieve results using IT.

Agility: A strong virtual CIO is constantly reviewing the data over the short term and long term looking for trends and changes in order to make adjustments for the business quickly.

Experience: Business executives want to see experience; this gives them confidence in the decision-making skills.
Customer Service: Everyone wants a responsive virtual CIO. Questions and issues that come up need to be answered quickly in order to solve other issues.

Customization: A smart virtual CIO understands each business has a different budget and different objectives. This means different technologies will work better for some than others and knowing what technology is correct for the business is paramount.

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