Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts Can Save You Time

Sometimes something is so easy to do we pay no attention to it. If you had to concentrate every time you tied your shoelaces, it would be hard to get much done. This has a downside, however. It can blind you to more efficient possibilities. The computer mouse is a prime example of this. It is so easy to use that many people miss out on better ways to use it and the keyboard. Because you can so easily click and drag to select a paragraph, for instance, you never wonder if there is a better way. There is. Triple click anywhere in the paragraph. Pasting is easy to do from the menu in Word, easier with a right click, and even easier with ctrl-v.

Here are some keyboard and mouse shortcuts everyone should use:

  • ctrl + x – cut (the ‘x’ looks like a scissors)
  • ctrl + c – copy (‘c’ for ‘copy’)
  • ctrl + v – paste (the ‘v’ looks like an insertion mark)
  • double click – select word (this also selects the trailing blank, which makes pasting easier)
  • triple click – select paragraph
  • ctrl + p – print
  • alt + tab – holding down alt and pressing tab lets to switch windows easily

If you are editing text for more than a few minutes a day, memorizing these shortcuts will save you time. If you aren’t, think about how you do use your computer. If you do something many times a day, it is worth your time to actively explore alternatives every once in a while to see if there is something you missed.

No matter what programs you are using regularly on a daily basis, there are tons of shortcuts to save you time on both Macs and PCs. Whether you’re using Excel, Photoshop or something else, you can find helpful shortcuts. Just Google the program name plus “shortcuts” to find helpful shortcuts you never knew existed!

And, by the way, you are probably tying your shoelaces wrong.

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