Giving Old Computers New Life: 2 Tips to Speed Them Up

It’s a problem we’re all familiar with. When you buy a new computer, it is lightning fast. It does everything you need and want it to do and more. It boots quickly, it can manage dozens of browser tabs without any trouble, and you never experience it lagging or feeling slow. After a year, you […]

When Should A Small Business Consider Outsourcing Their IT?

So you’re running your business and all of a sudden a computer stops working, your printer stops running, or your server becomes unresponsive. What do you do? If you’re like many small businesses, chances are you ask you go to your most computer savvy employee–you know the one–and you ask him to fix it. Or […]

Why Your Business Should Care About Cybersecurity

We live in a world where cyber threats are pervasive. Every day, billions of attacks are launched against businesses, individuals and governments. Many businesses believe that they are too small or too under the radar to have worry about cybersecurity. The truth is that today, everyone needs to care about cybersecurity and take concrete steps […]

Small Business Cyber Security and Data Breach Risks

As a small business, you may think that you’re too small to worry about cyber security and data breaches. What kind of hacker is going to go out of their way to attack a small business? Unfortunately, the truth is that small businesses are more likely to be the victim of data breaches and theft than larger companies.

Good Enough is Good Enough for IT Purchases

Capitalism rewards companies that can get you to buy their stuff. And the more money they can get you to spend, the better. The innovations that this incentive system has created are amazing, but it pays to step back every once in a while and think about the process. The companies that sell you smartphones, for instance, really need you to keep buying new ones. Apple and Samsung shareholders depend on it.

Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts Can Save You Time

Sometimes something is so easy to do we pay no attention to it. If you had to concentrate every time you tied your shoelaces, it would be hard to get much done. This has a downside, however. It can blind you to more efficient possibilities. The computer mouse is a prime example of this. It is so easy to use that many people miss out on better ways to use it and the keyboard.

4 Tips For Keeping Your IT Project Under Budget

People hate paying more for something than they expected or can afford, and yet that is often what happens with IT projects. While the best defense against unexpected surprises with your systems is a good relationship with a good provider, here are a few things businesses can do to control the cost of their projects: […]

Extremely Sophisticated New Gmail Phishing Scam Is Here

A new, sophisticated phishing scam has been stealing users Gmail passwords. Like all phishing scams, it works by convincing users to enter their login credentials into a fake, but realistic, Google login page. While the specific technique is new and more advanced, the take home message is the same as it has always been. Be […]