Viruses and malware represent an increasingly common threat to computers and internet connected devices of all types. All devices that connect to the internet are at risk. Today’s biggest threats are often ransomware, keyloggers and other malware that gives a hacker access to your computer. This software can be used to gain access to vital information and or lock you out of vital information.

To effectively protect your business against viruses and malware, we employ Webroot. We use Webroot for a few reasons.

(1) It maintains an enormous cloud-based database of all known programs, good and bad. This removes the issue of having everything stored locally and trying to keep it up to date. When Webroot detects a program that is safe, it leaves it alone.

(2) When Webroot detects a harmful program, it cleans up all its traces and identifies any issues it might cause.

(3) If Webroot detects an unknown program, it begins a comprehensive monitoring and security protocol. It sends detailed information back to Webroot’s headquarters for analysis and monitors every action of the program. As it monitors each action, a journal is made in case rollback is necessary. Not all events can be rolled back, such as transmitting data out from your system, in which case it will likely prevent the program from performing this action.

Every day hackers are developing new malicious software that gets around less comprehensive protection software. With Webroot’s 24/7 monitoring and our assistance, you can rest assured your system is safer today than it was before. For more information on our IT security and malware protection services, contact us today for a free quote.