NYC IT Consulting Services

At Newplan, we specialize in providing comprehensive IT consulting services to businesses located in New York City. Your computers and other IT infrastructure are vital to the success of your business and downtime can be crippling. A crashed server, ransomeware on a critical computer, or a networking outage can cost tens of thousands, or more, in lost business.

Systems fail, backups can be unreliable, and sometimes a computer will crash at 2:00AM. Newplan is fully prepared to plan for these events in advance, and handle them swiftly when they arise at inconvenient times. We provide a complete menu of technology services for companies which don’t need a full in-house IT department, or a full time tech support staff member.

Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO assists in formulating strategic IT goals, planning the IT budget, analyzing and reworking business processes, outside vendor coordination and facilitating technology changes.

Antivirus & Antimalware

Antivirus/antimalware service which continually monitors systems for unusual behavior rather than using definition files which cannot prevent zero day threats. This provides peace of mind that whatever the criminals think up next, your systems are protected.

Systems Monitoring

Monitoring service keeps a constant eye on all computers and servers, and allows us to prevent problems (such as low hard drive space) before they impact performance.

Onsite & Offsite Backups

Backup is both to an onsite system and an online repository. The onsite system provides fast restores for the majority of incidents such as accidental deletion, while the online repository guarantees that data can be recovered even in the case of floods, fires, and other catastrophic events. Newplan practices a 3-2-1 backup strategy. We guarantee that 3 copies of the data exist, in 2 different formats with at least 1 copy offsite.

Systems Maintenance

Maintenance consists of routine upgrades to the system as necessary, updates and patches to software, and scheduled onsite visits.

Emergency Services & Disaster Recovery

Emergency service is all break/fix work. If someone has an issue, we will remedy it. Technologies covered include, but are not limited to, computers, servers, smartphones, printers/copiers, and network equipment. Service guarantees are 1 hour remote/2 hour onsite response time for all critical issues during business hours; 2 hour remote/4 hour onsite response time for critical issues nights, weekends and holidays.
Projects are all other work not covered above. New software rollouts, new user setups, switches from onsite to cloud service or switches from cloud service to onsite, new server installs, moves and natural disasters.